Flow of Cormorant Fishing Observation

Please check in at the reception of the Gifu City Cormorant Fishing Observation Boat Office.

Speech of cormorant fishing

Speech of cormorant fishing is given at 17:45.

Shared-ride boat Departing at 18:15,18:45, and 19:15
Departing at the desired time between 18:15,18:45 and 19:15

Start of cormorant fishing
Around 19:45
Depending on the river conditions, you will observe cormorant fishing in “Karikudari” or “Tsukemise” style.(1) Karikudari
The observation boat goes down the river along with the Ubune (cormorant boat).(2) Tsukemise
You will observe the Ubune (cormorant boat) while the observation boat is anchored.So-garami
This is a highlight of cormorant fishing where all the Ubune (cormorant boats) chase Ayu into shallow water together.

Around 20:30 You will disembark from the observation boat.